Prepare Your Church For A Medical Emergency With The Right First Aid Equipment

Your church is going to have all kinds of people sitting in the pews on a regular basis. While medical emergencies aren't common, it's important to have the equipment you need to respond when someone has an issue that needs to be addressed. While you always have the option to call emergency services and wait for someone to arrive, time may be essential when it comes to a major event such as a heart attack. The Heartsine 450P AED Defibrillator Package is designed for organizations that want to be AED equipped and ready to take care of anyone who falls ill while visiting the building. With a training video available, volunteers can be ready to handle the defibillator in the event of an emergency.

Training Your Volunteers

While you may have a medical doctor or nurse attending Mass, this may not always be the case. When you are concerned about the safety of your parishioners, it helps to have several volunteers trained in how to use things like an AED defibrillator for if someone goes into cardiac arrest. With the right training material in place, you can end up saving the life of one of your parishioners while you wait for emergency services to arrive.

Your First Aid Station

You might have a first aid kit somewhere in your church, but this doesn't help if no one knows where it is. You should have a dedicated area in your church where the AED defibrillator is kept, as well as any necessary first aid supplies. There should be emergency numbers, a phone, and a well-stocked first aid kit in this area. There should be ice packs, bandages of a variety of sizes, antiseptic, burn ointment, scissors, and instructions on how to use any splints or other devices. 

Getting Trained Volunteers

When you are in a church, there are probably a number of people who will volunteer to learn basic first aid and how to use an AED defibrillator in order to keep everyone safe. Talk to your congregation about the need to have volunteers that can administer first aid so that you can be better prepared if something happens.

An AED defibrillator can save lives. You can train some of your volunteers on how to use it and be ready in the event someone has a heart problem. With the right equipment in place, everyone who visits will be a bit safer.

For more information, contact a resource like Urban Rescue Solutions.