3 Factors to Look at When Deciding On an Onsite Medical Center

Having an onsite medic can be very important for your construction site, or even your office building. However, not all onsite medic companies are the same. There are a few different factors that you will need to take into consideration in order to make sure that you get the best onsite emergency response team for your needs.

1. How Much Medical Capability Do You Need?

When you are choosing an onsite medic service, you need to decide between having a head nurse practitioner or a clinical physician as the person in charge. If you have a primary care physician, you will be paying more money for the onsite medical center, but you will also be able to treat more problems. If you have a nurse practitioner, you will not have to pay as much money but only be able to treat moderate medical emergencies and stabilize people with major medical problems until the ambulance arrives. Paying the extra money to have a clinical physician is best if you are looking to help your workers see a doctor regularly while on the construction site for ongoing problems like a back injury. Having nurse practitioners is excellent if you just want emergency medicine. 

2. How Does Paying for the Services Work?

The next factor that you are going to have to determine is how you want to pay for the services. There are two options. The first is paying for each medical treatment individually. The second is paying a lump sum for operating costs and management, but not for each individual service. The latter option is more popular because if there is a high frequency of injuries it is likely that paying for them individually will be more expensive than paying the flat rate.

3. Can Workers Get Information about Their Injuries and Care Online?

Lastly, you are going to want to make sure that your workers will be able to get information online about the treatments that they received, as well as how to care for any injuries that they might have sustained. This will allow them to print a copy for their own records or show the information to their primary care physician. Storing medical records online in a secure server is a good way to make sure that everyone involved in treating one of your workers is as knowledgeable about the case as possible.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in providing onsite emergency care, such as Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd.